The Tuscarawas Society for Children & Adults, a non-profit, independent health charity dedicated to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged and disabled residents of Tuscarawas County. In 2013 The Rainbow Connection has given $173,614.00 in assistance to over 10,000 children and adults in Tuscarawas County.

The Rainbow Connection offers the following services and programs to the residents of Tuscarawas County.

Medical Supplies and Equipment -
Assistance is extended to obtain necessary supplies and equipment to improve the lives of handicapped and seriously ill individuals.

Medical Bills-
Assistance with payment of doctor and hospital bills.

Prescription Assistance -
Is granted to individuals having a life threatening medical diagnosis.

Technological Assistance -
Available for individuals in need of technology, such as communication boards, telecommunication devices for the deaf, and emergency response systems.

Information And Referral -
Information regarding area agencies can be obtained. Referrals are made to other agencies when The Rainbow Connection cannot serve a particular request.

Children And Adults With Cancer -
may be eligible to receive assistance in the payment of medical bills and prescriptions.

Hearing Enhancement Program -
makes available hearing aids and assistive listening devices for hearing impaired children and adults.

Children With Diabetes -
This program can provide insulin, syringes, glucometers and test strips for juvenile diabetics.

Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy And Multiple Sclerosis -
Individuals with these diseases are able to receive local, direct medical assistance for equipment, medical bills and prescriptions.

Maternity, Infant And Child Care Program -
Features an infant car seat loan program; educational and health services to expectant mothers; and an educational video for new parents.

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Hope to see everyone at the game tonight

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We have tickets for the TR All Star Game, here at the Rainbow Connection office. $6.00 pre game and $8.00 at the gate. The game is Friday evening..

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$211,257 GRAND TOTAL!!!! ANOTHER RECORD BREAKING YEAR!!! Thanks to everyone who phoned in pledges, bid on auction items & helped in any way!!!..

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It’s the final countdown!!!! Pledge now and help push us over the top. Thanks to everyone who has called in a pledge or bid on our auction..

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We love Jerry Marlow and his continued support to the Rainbow Connection

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The infamous Jerry Marlowe has blessed us with his presence today and was kind enough to bring us a homemade cheesecake for our auction.

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Say hello to Bryce Goedel! He’s waiting for you to phone in your pledge to 330-343-1600.
Thanks so much for your support!

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We are live and ready to take your calls check us out on TV2 or streaming from our website

Call in pledges..

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Turn it on!!! WE ARE LIVE!!!!
TV2 or online at
Phone in your pledges to

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You’ve seen many of the amazing auction items coming up for bid during the 41st Annual Rainbow Connection Telethon. The auction begins at :45..

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Who doesn’t want a 50″ LCD TV for their home or man-cave? Be the winning bidder during the 41 Annual Telethon & Auction tomorrow and it will..

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Let them eat cake or cookies or whatever you can get with $50 from Litty’s Cakes and Cookies This and many other amazing items will go to the..

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Place your bids on the Bloom’s Specialty basket and you never know what you may find inside but one things’ for sure….they’ll be a gift..

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Here’s an item that always gets lots of bids in the auction….so if you want it….you better bid on it early and often during this Sundays..

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